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After checking again, its limited to 20hrs (someone else was 60min) of
dialup access a month for broadband services.  You can get details about
many broadband ISPs at  Another issue with
EarthLink is that is states the $49.95 is for one computer: "Only one
computer in conjunction with the shipped modem will be supported unless the
customer subscribes to EarthLink Home Networking".  This is for 1 dynamic

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According to the information I've got here, with Earthlinks cable offering
you get unlimited dial-up access along with the broadband service for $44.95
per month.

Also, for customer sticking with Road Runner, we will start offering dial-up
services on November 15 also.  Until the end of the year, we will provide
unlimited dial-up access.  Starting next year, however, customers will get
10 hours of dial-up access and $0.99/hour for each additional hour.

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On Thu, Oct 25, 2001 at 07:44:12AM -0500, Mike Distefano wrote:
> The problem with the Earthlink dial up services with thier high speed
> service is that you only get 60 min free.  Its $0.10/min after.  That can
> get expensive if you are on the road, or in my case at a customer site and
> can't get out thier firewall.
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> I'm sure some of you all will be interested in this.  Especially in light
> the ISP thread I just got a chance to look over.
> I work for Road Runner and coming November 15 there's going to be some
> changes.  Basically, on that date we're opening up the cable network to
> multiple ISPs.  Which for customers means more choice, more options and
> lower prices.
> Obviously, the network and cable lines and such is all maintained by us,
> you get to choose which ISP you are getting service from.  At first, the
> options will be Road Runner, Earthlink or AOL. I know for all you AOL is
> out of the qeustion :).  However, Earthlink is a nice option because you
> a lower price (they're offering the service at the $40 range).  In
> additions, you also get access to their dial-up services.  Road Runner is
> also going to start providing their dial-in access then (which answers
> somebodies question from that ISP thread, I believe).  However, with
> Earthlink you only get 1 IP, as opposed to Road Runner when you can get
> up to 4 (for no extra cost, which is cool because I think we're the only
> Road Runner affiliate left that doesn't charge more for each additional
> Regarding the cable modem service in general, I've been happy with the
> service.  I've had both cable and DSL, so I'm speaking from experience on
> both sides of the fence.  With the Road Runner service, it's been
> consistently faster and more reliable than DSL.  And I also don't have to
> deal with the PPPoE nonsense.  If you have the option between DSL and
> cable, I would have to wholeheartedly recommend cable.  Unless maybe if
> you're exceptionally close to a DSL office.  When I had DSL, I was just
> enough from the local office that they had to cap my downstream bandwidth
> at 700'ish k/sec, which is a far cry from the 2 m/sec service I get from
> Road Runner.
> Anyway, if you all have questions, I'll be happy to answer whatever I can.
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