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Thu Oct 7 15:40:25 CDT 2010

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They seem to be trying to build a better bank.

> oh.
> I do not believe my point about alignment of interests with brokerages
> versus banks is affected by this boycott. There may be other
> brokerages -- or credit unions, where there is also a greater
> alignment of interests -- worth looking at.
> Would you use a bill-pay service that just does bill-pay and is
> differentiated by having a better (open standards, SOTA security,
> available REST interfaces for the power customer) bill-pay interface?

> On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 11:05 AM, Jeffrey Watts
> <jeffrey.w.watts at> wrote:
>> I'd like to point out that E-Trade was the company that screwed over
>> thousands of open source developers and contributors when they handled
>> Red
>> Hat's IPO.  I personally will never do business with them.
>> Jeffrey.
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