ASUS Eee PC for sale at MicroCenter

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Sun Nov 4 17:04:46 CST 2007

As of today Sunday, 4 November 2007, Micro Center at 93rd and Metcalf had only 4 white Eee PC's in the 4 GB Solid State Storage, 512 MB Ram model in stock, none on display but the salesman opened one up out of stock to show me. He did not install the battery or let me power up the system, but it looks nice and is incredibly light. Available colors are White, Black, Silver, pastel pink, and pastel blue. I am going to hold out for the 8GB, 1GB Ram model, myself. 


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> Subject: ASUS Eee PC for sale at MicroCenter
> So the Eee PC that I've been waiting for is out.  And in real
> brick-n-mortars too.  Apparently it's available from MC online and
> some stores are getting them in stock too.  I was hoping to get out to
> the one here in town to see if they have any on display but car
> troubles got in the way.  If I'm lucky I can swing by tomorrow evening
> and they might have one or two in stock (that I can't buy yet...) and
> MAYBE a demo out.
> 900Mhz/630Mhz on  100/70MHz bus (BIOS upgrades lets you change it) Celeron M 353
> 512MB RAM
> WiFi
> Ultraportable- $400 is a steal for this class of subnotebook.
> Jon.
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