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Kansas City Linux User Group

[Tux with a branding iron]

Upcoming meetings

Meetings are once again being held at the downtown Kansas City, MO Public Library. Download the new KCLUG iCalendar?   HERE or view the calendar online here.

Bring us your tired, your sick, your huddled masses of computers, yearning to breathe free. -- Brian K.

  • Wed Sep 06 2023 6:30PM-8:45PM
  • Tue Sep 19 2023 6:30PM-8:45PM
  • Wed Oct 04 2023 6:30PM-8:45PM
  • Tue Oct 17 2023 6:30PM-8:45PM


KCLUG has an IRC ? channel on the Libera.Chat network. You can access it with any IRC client using the following URL.

irc://irc.libera.chat:6697/#kclug (This URL may not work in all browsers.)