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> ms
> Feature completeness
> Applications that compete with Apple made Apps
> Applications that conflict with Apple's approved list
> Applications written by Google
> Adult applications
> Application of the day to remove just because they can.

Well, I recommend not submitting apps written by Google unless you are Google.  I know you're trying to be funny but, Google has pulled their own apps cause and i quote Google: "Sorry, We messed up".

I've taken a small sub section of just the standard apps and listed them here as an example of how mis-knowledge spreads because someone didn't write a high enough quality app to get approved.  I'm not a believer in FUD.  Its what companies like Microsoft use to hold Linux down.  What are we if we use FUD to attempt to rise ourselves up. 

As an iOS developer You know damn good and well the Terms of selling on Apple's store.  The people that are complaining are the ones that ignore the rules and invest in writing the app anyway.  You know what, thats stupid of them, suck it up.  I don't know of any developer who has followed the rules, produced quality and not been completely happy that their App is in the store.

Apps that Compete &/or duplicate functionality with Apple Apps:

<Apple App Name> : 3rd Party App name & URL

Safari: Atomic Web Browser
Safari: iCab Mobile (Web Browser)
Apple's Message App:   Google Voice:
Apple's Photo Gallery:  Panoramio:
iRemote:  Google TV Remote:
Find My Friends: Google Latitude:
Photo Stream & Camera: Panoramio:
iTunes Video/iCloud: Netfix Panoramio:
iBooks:  Google Books:
iBooks: B&N Nook
iBooks:  Kindle
Flixster:  iTunes Video Streaming
Apple's  Gmail:
GarageBand:  To many Music apps to list. EVEN on the front page. but example Pianist:
iCamera: Camera+
iNotes: Evernote
iMessage: gTalk by Indie developer
iMessage:  AIM
iMessage: AIM
Find My Phone: Google Latitude:
iDisk:  Drop box
Newsstand: Kindle
Newsstand: B&N Nook
Newsstand:  Google Books:

Google Apps on the App store:

Google Search:
Google Earth:
Google Translate:
Google Voice:
Google Books:
Google Places:
Google Latitude:
Google Shopper:
Google TV Remote:
Google Catalogs:
Google Authenticator:

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