New Meeting Location?

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Fri Nov 9 10:02:14 CST 2007

If the KCLUG is looking for a place to move it's meeting to my boss has
mentioned several times about the possibility of having the KCLUG
meeting in our conference room.  I know I don't go to the meetings (like
once I went) but, we have a large conference room that would hold at
least 40 people.  It has a big screen plasma TV for connecting to a
laptop, WIFI access as well as a complete demo center with Blades
running VMWare that we could do fun things with (since I am in charge of
the demo center).  I also have a large cell-based HP server, a SAN and
fiber fabric in our demo center that we could play around with.  Our
office is right off the Cambridge Circle exit on I-35 near downtown with
tons of parking right at the front door and plenty of places to go after
the meeting down the hill on SW Blvd.  If the KCLUG is serious about
changing where they hold the meetings let me know and I will make the
conference room available whenever you want it.
Currently in our demo center we are running everything from HP-UX, RHEL,
W2K3 and VMWare.  We could do a lot with the toys in my sandbox here.


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	...insert KCLug Microsoft Server joke....
	Well, he sent it before the meeting, but hadn't synchronized his
Outlook with the KCLug Exchange server until just now.
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		 It would have been nice if the message made it before
the meeting. 
		Slow mail server?

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		I am sitting at Paul & Jacks in North Kansas City.  They
now have 
		Wi-fi!  I tested it and got 5M down and 500K up, so it's
a very good
		connection.  They have food and drinks including beer!
They are open
		until at least 10:00 p.m., but are willing to stay open
longer if we 
		have enough people.  They also have a back room that
will seat at least
		16 people at the table.
		I'm thinking we should consider moving our meeting here.
It's a nice
		place with a fast internet connection, and did I mention
that they serve 
		beer!  Not to mention the killer tenderloin and awesome
		We can discuss at tomorrow's meeting.
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