PHP safe mode on virtual hosts

Jack quiet_celt at
Mon Jun 13 13:22:26 CDT 2005

Help! I'm working on a website that is on a server
with over a dozen other virtual hosts. SAFE mode is
turned on in apache. I've diffed two similar sites and
can't figure out what the issue is. Google hasn't
illuminated me, either. Here's the problem: one site
works if the files in the chrooted /var/www/html
directory are owned by a authorized admin for the
virtual host, the other works only if that directory
and the files are owned by root. Both sites make use
of a directory in the chrooted /usr/share tree which
is owned by root (this is the PEAR database routines).
The site that doesn't work gives me a SAFE MODE access
error and the other does not. The php.ini files are
identical and the apache config files are identical
except for the site names and names of the chrooted
directories (each is named for it's own set of
chrooted directories). If I change the PEAR
directories to match the UID of the site that is
broken then I get DB errors. I'm at the end of my rope
trying to figure this out. Any help would be

Brian D.

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