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Wed Oct 24 15:23:55 CDT 2001

We want to thank you for supporting the Kansas City ITEC and update you on
the latest features and seminars being offered at this year's event. 

The 2001 Kansas City ITEC, presented by Gateway-Intel-Microsoft, is being
held November 7th and 8th at Bartle Hall between 10 am - 4 pm.

REGISTER:  Go to to register for this
year's Kansas City ITEC.  If you have already registered, forward this
opportunity to your colleagues and friends.

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Event Update Contents:

     A. Feed Your Head 
     B. Start Your Networking Here
     C. So Many Solutions to See
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A. Feed Your Head - Educational Seminars and Schedule 

With two days of seminars and educational topics, you have the opportunity
to select from a variety of topics that reflect the hottest issues and
technologies in the industry.  This year's seminar topics include: 

- Voice and Data Network Convergence
- Improving Productivity and Quality in the Application Enterprise
- Network Security
- Customer Relationship Management

Visit our interactive seminar schedule to plan your two-day education -

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B. Start Your Network Here - Event Features

Kansas City ITEC brings you the insights of technology's business and
community leaders.  Your networking opportunities start by attending our
featured events.

This year's features include:

*  KEYNOTE ADDRESS: "Network Security: Secrets and Lies" - Presented by
Bruce Schneier, Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Counterpane
InternetSecurity, Inc.

*  NETWORK SECURITY PANEL DISCUSSION - Panelists from the FBI, Infragard,
and the High Tech Crime Investigation Association will provide valuable
information to technology professionals and business owners in the area of
network intrusion.  

*  Gateway-Intel-Microsoft Presentation Theater - Learn about the latest
technology solutions designed to help you grow your business.
Explore the features that will be valuable for you.  Visit full features details.

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C. So Many Solutions to See -- Interactive Exhibitor Listing

Our list of exhibiting organizations to visit continues to grow.  Click on
an exhibitor's name to see details on that company at

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Invite your colleagues to register.  They will appreciate your invitation
to attend this valuable technology event.

Thank you for your time.  We look forward to seeing you at the event!  

Event Management & Staff
Kansas City ITEC
Imark Communications

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Trabon Solutions - WorldtrakÒ - A New Outlook for Web-based CRM
Use Microsoft Outlook? Check out Worldtrak. It's the only fully scalable,
CRM solution built within Outlook. Presented by Trabon Solutions, a leader
in e-business intelligence. Date/time/place: Thursday, Nov. 8th, 2:30pm at
the Microsoft Theater. For more information, visit our booth #619 or

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Trabon Solutions - Enhancing ROI with e-Business Intelligence
Turn data into intelligence. It's what management wants and IS struggles
with. Discover today's intelligence tools and techniques that really work.
Presented by Trabon Solutions, a leader in e-business intelligence.
Date/time/place: Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 2:30pm, Microsoft Theater. For more
information, visit our booth #619 or 

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Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) delivers the software that
manages eBusiness.  Visit our booth to experience infrastructure management
solutions with Unicenter, storage solutions with BrightStor, security
solutions with eTrust, and Jasmine for information management solutions

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