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On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, Chris Midkiff wrote:

> What distribution are you running?  Several of the newer distro's don't use
> Sendmail at all, but postfix(Mandrake/Redhat) or qmail(I think Debian uses

RedHat uses sendmail.

> your local subnet only...).  In order to receive email from a pop3 client
> (such as Outlook), you will have to run a pop3 server, like Qpopper
> (

qpopper is overkill for a small mail server.  If you are running RedHat 
you will find POP3 and IMAP in the imap package.  Install it and make sure 
you have inetd correctly configured and you should be in business.  
Correctly configured means turining on the port and keeping security in 
mind ... disabling any addresses spaces that shouldn't be touching those 

> It's not nearly as difficult as it sounds.  The O'Reilly book on Sendmail is
> indeed a great book, but you can probably get most of what you are looking
> for in the howto's available at:

The O'Reilly book on Sendmail is overkill for a newbie.  I don't recommend 
it unless you really really want to read it.

You can find most answers to your questions on sendmail at

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> > Point Outlook (LookOut!) to your Linux mailserver. You will want to make
> > sure
> > your mailserver can process the mail types you need.

Mail types?  huh?  Could someone explain this to me?

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