C Shell Scripting in RH 7.1

Ray Hanes high_tech_hanes at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 20 03:20:20 CDT 2001

Hello I'm pretty new to this group and I've never posted here so I'm not sure if I'm sending to the 
right place or not to get this out but here goes anyway.

My problem is I have several scripts written for various system administration tasks. Among other 
things I use them to set permissions on files. When I installed Red Hat 7.1 I discovered that my 
permission scripts as well as a few others would not work. 

Just to test out what was happening I created a simple C script that just set ownership and 
permissions on a file. That did not work. So I changed the script to bash and ran it and it ran 
just fine. My problem is I have way to many scripts to just convert them all to bash.

I was wondering if anyone knows what is causing this. And a way to get it so that they will work.
I'm sure that this is probably part of some new security enhancement but haven't been able to find 

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you 

Ray Hanes

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