trail balloon... or rick's folly...

Bradley Miller bradmiller at
Fri Oct 19 13:47:09 CDT 2001

At 10:15 AM 8/27/01 -0500, you wrote:
>My name is Rick Palmer-I'm a net admin at Sunflower Community Network 
>in KC. We're a non-profit ISP and have been 
>going since 1994.   We started out at KCPT and outgrew the facility. 
>We have no profit motive,  salaries are substandard and all that 
>kinda stuff. This isn't some commercial angle or scam.


I've wondered about this myself . . . why not setup wireless to turn up an
area with line of site high speed connectivity, and then from that central
point wire to houses in the area.   At least here you have options of
DSL/Cable . . . at the Lake of the Ozarks area (where my headquarters is)
there is only one option . . . dialup, at least until recently.  Now they
have high-speed wireless from one local provider.  It works pretty good

-- Bradley Miller

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