Linux Certs, and study sessions.

Steve King genesix at
Fri Oct 12 19:08:02 CDT 2001

I do apologize for this, but I had a system crash, and lost the list
of those who would like to participate in study sessions.

To reiterate, we need people that want to study for Linux Certs.
People to help "train".  Anyone with materials, training materials / books
that can be "donated", they will be given back.

Depending on the number of people and what cert. people want, that will be
the "curriculum".  Majority rules.

Please send the following:
Name, email address, phone #, and days / times when you would be available,
What Certs you would like to study for. And any other info, you feel to

Sessions will probably be a few times a week, any less and people will not
retain the info, and the study sessions will be worthless.

Steve King
genesix at


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