Newbie Q about Shutdown problem...

Robert Berger cbjhawks at
Sun Oct 7 14:35:16 CDT 2001

Hello everyone, nice to find some local help. Installed RH 7.1 on my 
desktop and everything worked fine for awhile,  but now my machine wont 
shutdown properly  until I shutdown/reboot/shutdown a second time. When 
I choose shutdown the first time all the process' are ended but then 
they restart themselves and then the process takes me to the DOS login 
screen which is where  I do the three-finger salute and the process 
starts over and delievers me to the GUI login screen...I choose Shutdown 
a second time and only then can I power down properly. Upon the reboot I 
get the following error message "Shutting down kernal logger    FAILED" 
Is this because of the reboot? On the second shutdown I go back to the 
DOS login screen but the following happens:

MKC-65.26.XX.XXX Login:
md recovery thread got woken up
md: recovery thread finished
md recoevery at (0) flushing signals
Stopping all md devices
Power down

(where XXX is my internet address)

Any ideas/thoughts as to what is causing this? Your help is appreciated 
and thanks in advance.

Robert Berger

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